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There are contractors out there that will try anything they can, especially in today’s economic hardship, to “sneak” their way into a job. That’s why it’s important for us to know some of the tricks to watch out for.   The following are just some examples of what to watch out for when receiving a bid.

  • Some bids come in with a low square footage price.  But they inflate the square footage of the job to make up for the difference.  Sometimes it comes in with a higher total price.

  • A low bid is accepted.   Then, halfway through the job, the contractor proceeds to add on additional costs, for what he says are “unforeseen circumstances”.  In reality he knew these would be issues he was going to have to face before he ever started the job. Therefore increasing the total cost of the job to be equal with or even higher than the original bids.

  • The use of inferior products, cutting out crucial steps, skimping on materials or certain parts of the installation process in order to cut cost and come in with a lower bid.  This is a scary one because in most cases the finished product looks exactly the same as an installation done correctly. BUT over time, sometimes as little as a couple months, failures start to appear.  Cracked tiles, loose tiles, and in the case of showers and tubs, water damage! (Swollen sheet rock, swollen baseboards, cracked tiles, and mold.)

  • They ensure the customer that certain steps are not necessary in order to keep their costs down. For example: “You don’t need to apply a crack isolation membrane because your home is done settling.”

    What I think they’ve forgotten is, we live in earthquake country. No matter how old your home is, no slab is immune to developing new cracks from an earthquake.

Some of these tricks would be hard for homeowners to see coming.  Which is why good references are so important in helping you find a qualified contractor you can trust, one that will get your job done right the first time and alleviate problems like these.